“PHOTOFACIAL” Skin Rejuvenation Program

Do an “about face” on all of the skin damage that you have acquired over the years with our patent-pending process. “About Face” combines two well established treatments for removing sun damage in a new and innovative way. The program implements the use of broadband phototherapy to gently heat up the unwanted pigment in your skin. The age spots, liver spots and melasma will rise to the surface and literally “flake off” in 4-5 days. This is combined with a mechanical and/or chemical exfoliation of the skin before or after the broadband phototherapy treatment. This cycle of broadband phototherapy and mechanical/chemical exfoliation is repeated – in a series of 5-6 cycles.
Many patients benefit from skin resurfacing and our depigmentation mask in order to create more rejuvenated and younger looking skin.
The end result is dramatic. Your skin will be tighter, pores smaller, and the unwanted discolorations from years of sun damage will be gone. We are confident that “About Face” skin rejuvenation program is an effective and safe anti-aging therapy for people with severe sun damage and Melasma.