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Dysport is the latest neuroprotein developed for the treatment of fines lines and wrinkles created by facial muscle movement and aging. Dysport is manufactured by Medicis and in 2009 the company sponsored a large clinical trial that firmly established the safety and efficacy of Dysport. The results were published in the April 2009 issue of Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery.

We have been using Dysport in our practice since the moment it was released and approved by the FDA, and in our experience the results have been excellent!!!

Dysport smooths out facial wrinkles by relaxing the facial muscles, for example the muscles in the brow that contract when you are tired or angry. Dysport very effectively relaxes the muscle within 3-7 days of injection. The result is a rejuvenated look that can last from 3-4 months. It will last even longer as you continue your dysport treatments.





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